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Will Montgomery

Born Athens GA, grew up Atlanta, GA

I was born in 1970. I first began painting as a second year college student after spending 6 months in Greece and Italy. 

I continued painting in my 20s. I held a show in Japan and two in Atlanta. But I took one of those career forks and didn't do an MFA.

I have painted intermittently ever since. I had a small studio in my Tokyo house where I painted some of the larger works on this site  (from 2009-2017) . Most of the work on this site comes from 2018 onward in my new studio.

Now live in Tokyo

I lived in Japan from 1992-1994 after college.  I had enough works (some acrylic collage and oil crayon on paper) to do a show at Yu Art Station in Nagano City.

After my teaching contract expired I traveled though China and  Tibet where I learned about thanka paintings.

I moved back to Atlanta, where I showed at the "Big A" show and a private gallery. I moved to New York for 2 years, where I painted in my garage. I moved to Tokyo in 2001.

Since 2001 I have lived in Tokyo with my wife, two kids and Zeus our golden retriever.



Davidson College


Georgia Tech MBA

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