Chroma is color in Greek; portal is a door, or gate. We pass through them to visit a temple, a friend's house, or a wormhole across dimensions, etc.


A few images on this site are from 1990-1996 when I started painting. Then from 2105 when I started again. Most are from 2018-2020.

The technique in the 1990-1996 images is acrylic and multimedia (mostly found photographs or photographs I take ) on canvas. I also mix powdered pumice Or sand, or mica in the acrylic paint to create texture. I learned this trick from my college art teacher, and I have used it ever since. 

The technique in the more recent work is oil crayons (Sakura Cray pas) layered on wood panel. The frame elements are acrylic paint, mixed with powdered pumice and mica flakes. I use interference paint, which causes some interesting visual effects (different tones depending on where you stand). In the thick pumice/paint I frequently inscribe words.

"Adam and Eve" 2020, oil crayon and acrylic on wood

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